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 Derby Class of 1964 50th Class Reunion 

OCTOBER 3-5, 2014


Derby Senior High School

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Class of 1964

Last updated 09/16/2014

September 16, 2014 - Just three weeks to go! .....

The events will be casual and in Derby .... both evenings... There is no registration and no up-front fee. Come and have fun!

Like the 40th reunion, we will have a "come as you" are get-together around 7 PM Friday night at the bowling alley....Derby Family Entertainment Center. There will be league bowlers there that night, but we will pretty much have the sports bar area to ourselves... It closes at 12:30 AM

Derby plays football Friday night in Newton, so the whole town may be fairly quiet....

On Saturday, we will get together at 6:30 PM at a new sports bar the east side of Derby... Madrocks, just east of Madison and Rock Road. Again, it's casual.... Madrocks has reserved seating for us... and they have a great menu....

Other information:

For those of you who haven't been back in while, Derby has grown up a lot in the last 10 years or so....the city has mostly grown to the east across Rock Road and many of the businesses have moved east.

We now have a Hampton Inn on Rock Road at the north end of town....

There's a new City Building, and a new library..... A second middle school is under construction north of 63rd on Rock Road.... and the current Middle School (our old DSHS) is undergoing major re-construction - additions.

No other firm plans at this point... We wanted to leave time for you to see the area and catch up with friends / classmates.

We are looking into a tour of our old high school, and also the Derby Historical Museum (the old Derby Grade School building).

Hope to see you there!

Here's a look back at some of the photos I scanned from the front of the 1964 DSHS yearbook. Some are cropped and edited, and look better than the published originals. As were the times, most of the pictures are male oriented... and thanks to our class photographer (Cliff Peterson).... lots of them were taken in the biology and chemistry/physics classrooms. I'll add more variety in the near future.


Dick Baumgartner working in the chemistry / physics lab. Notice the sign on the wall. "LABORATORY - Use the first 5 letters, not the last 7."


The smiling face of Scott Sturm.

Dave Summer explains a physics problem to Mike Everhart (as I recall, what we were discussing had nothing to do with physics)

Dave Polk looks up in awe at something?

Lee Lawrence and Mike Everhart hitting the books

Mike Jensen working on a chemistry problem.

Senior class officers: Scott Sturm, Jane Miller, David Hamilton and Earl Haskins.

David Welch found a place to study in the hall.

David Whitcomb and Teresa New enjoyed the homecoming dance.
  Alan Tibbetts and David Summer worked experiments in Senior Physics... um, making stuff that wasn't in the textbook.
  Karen Kenslow, Mike Leary and Rodd Jones tried on gowns for graduation....
  Larry Faucett, Scott Sturm and Judy McReynolds dissect a frog in Senior Biology
  Officers of the Student Council were Francey Sampson, Ben Aguilera, Chuck Townsend and Bob Shields.
  Linda Valdois attempted to smash the car at the car bash.
  Officers of the Future Business Leaders of America were Connie Robinson, Carole Ast, Rona Rhodes, Marsha Jacobs and Judy Christiansen.
  Language Club officers were Jon Krenytzky, Scott Johnson, Lyn Shirlow, and Greg Mayfield.
  National Honor Society officers were Scott Sturm, Carol Maxwell, Jane Miller and Bill Van Arsdale.
  National Forensic League officers were  Bob Shields, Judy McReynolds and Bill Van Arsdale.
  Thespian Club officers were Zirita Parrish, Sue McCluggage, Linda Dewey and Judy Keller.
  Radio Club officers were Mike Jensen, John Banbury and David Summer
  Officers of the Art Club were Rodd Jones, Joy Thomas, Connie Crook and Karen Kenslow.
  Science Club officers were Mike Everhart, David Polk, Mike Wilson and Connie Riley.
  Pam Horn transferred bacteria into a test tube.... and I still remember the chicken experiment!
  D-Club officers were Roger Thoma, Jack Kirkpatrick, Scott Sturm and Earl Haskins.
  Cheerleaders were Vicky Smith, Francey Sampson, Carol Maxwell, Linda Valdois, Linda Deason, Gayle Griffiths and Suzee Zundel.
  Girls Gym Team:
FAR LEFT: Carolyn Michau and Meribeth Wise perform a thigh mount.
LEFT: Sandi Welch, Suzee Zundel, Linda Ballinger and Linda Valdois performed a routine on the balance beam.
  Madrigal Singers Bob Smalley, Kerry Gray and Lonny Wright practiced for a television appearance.
  Varsity Basketball Team: (L-R) Bob Hamilton, Andy Yankowski, Bill Hand, Danny Gaskin, Bill Grover, Roger Thoma, Dave Hamilton and Jack Kirkpatrick.
  The caption here was "Students created beauty through sculpture," but yo have to wonder what Mike Leary was up to????
  JUST FOR FUN: Going back to the 1963 yearbook, we find:
Junior Class officers - Dick Baumgartner, Wally Cairns, Jane Miller and Lanette Bontrager...
   .. and the Class Ring Committee: Back Row - Jack Kirkpatrick, Danny Gaskin, Tom Thornbrugh. Front Row - Lanette Bontrager, Jane Miller, Ben Aguilera, Wally Cairns, Carol Maxwell adn Linda Doramus.
   And a photo of the original Cat Woman, caught breaking and entering.... Myke Allison...



The date for the 50th Reunion of the Derby High School Class of 1964 is set for October 3-5, 2014. 

Other arrangements still need to be made, but you can put the date on your calendar for planning purposes.

I've been in contact (email and phone with quite a few classmates.... so it looks like the interest level is high.

I'll be trying to contact as many people as I can, and will put this on our official Class of 1964, web page but please feel free to share.. My email is still:


I would appreciate (and post) any updates, especially email addresses, on our Class list page....

Also, those of you who are paying members of Classmates.com and the Derby Alumni Site < https://www.alumniclass.com/ Derby/profile?u=7756444 >

Please add our website to your page / profile information.... http://derbyclassof64.com/

Please feel free (or obligated
) to share this email with anyone you know from the Class of 1964... we have lost contact with a lot of classmates.



Mike Everhart




The Derby Senior High School Class of 1964 held reunions in 1974, 1979, 1984 and 1989. We did not have reunions in 1994 and 1999. As I remember them, they were the "Hectic Years" as parents with our kids going through their teenage years, learning to drive, dating, entering college, etc. When I realized that I had lost contact with many of the Class of 1964,  I thought it might be a good idea to start getting in touch with classmates well before the time for our 40 Year Class Reunion. 

We had our 40 year reunion in August, 2004; the turn-out was better than in 1989 and by all accounts, the reunion was a big success... and certainly a lot of fun. I want thank everyone who contributed and everyone who attended... it was great seeing all of you!  The general consensus was that it had been TOO long.. and that we would do it again in 2009 (didn't happen).  See you in 2014!

You can contact me (Mike Everhart) at this email address   or 316-788-1354     (Yes, I'm still in Derby)



I regret to report that Mrs Delamarter passed away on April 7, 2008



Paul Thomas (Tommy) Thornbrugh (BA 1968)

Tulsa, Oklahoma 

 Emporia State University Distinguished Alumnus Award

Tom Thornbrugh is Presiding Judge of Division IV of the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. In a distinguished career in both private practice and on the bench, Thornbrugh has been committed to ensuring citizens receive fair treatment under the law. Before his district court appointment, Thornbrugh spent more than 20 years in private law practice in Tulsa, also serving as a legislative advisor for U.S. Senator, Dewey Bartlett (R-Okla). 

During his career with the U.S. Army, Thornbrugh was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Award, and Vietnamese Signal Corps Citation. He serves as adjunct professor at St. Gregory’s University and the University of Tulsa.




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An alphabetical listing of classmates and their email addresses (Last update 08/31/2011)

LATEST ADDITION  / Tommy Thornbrugh appointed Court of Appeals Judge (Sept. 2011) 


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A collection of pictures before, during and after High School - Please send yours!


LEFT: Mike Everhart: 7th Grade (1958-59) (52 years later) - Mr. Hudson's class

RIGHT: Toney Hutchens, Bob Waters and Norman King - Fishing, 2004.

NOT TO BE OUTDONE:  Rod Jones and his Alaskan fishing trip #1,   #2,   #3

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