Derby Senior High School Class of 1964

40th Class Reunion- 2004

Social and Dinner, August 28, 2007

Posted December 24, 2007

The social and dinner for the 40th class reunion of the Derby Senior High School Class of 1964 was held at the Marriot Hotel in Wichita, Kansas. The event was well attended, with more classmates present than the 25th reunion in 1989. Jane Miller-Polk deserves most of the credit for planninf and executing the event.

CLASSPICa.jpg (57574 bytes) One of the things we didn't do was arrange for a photographer with the right equipment and lighting to get a group photo... Even in the age of digital cameras, sometimes you have to be better prepared!

If you have photos that you would like to contribute to this web site, please contact Mike Everhart

(Photo credits (or the people to blame)... Judy Christensen, Mike Everhart, Rod Jones... in no particular order)

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group1a.jpg (21831 bytes) 1

LEFT:Dick Baumgartner, Lynn Jackson, Scott Sturm and Nancy Sturm

RIGHT: Greg and Glennis Gile; Bill Hand in the background

group2a.jpg (25020 bytes)
group3a.jpg (27603 bytes) 2

LEFT:Linda (Valdois) Whitcomb, David Hamilton and David Whitcomb

RIGHT: Wally Cairns, Benny Aguilera and Joe Cairns; Mike Behrendt with his back to the camera

group4a.jpg (25895 bytes)
group5a.jpg (16801 bytes) 3

LEFT:Gary Shields and Bob Messey

RIGHT: Marsha DeFoe (foreground) and Linda Dewey

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group7a.jpg (15161 bytes)  


LEFT:David Hamilton talks to Darlene Crosno; Chuck Townsend in the background

RIGHT: Norman King and Dick Baumgartner

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group9a.jpg (17776 bytes) 5

LEFT: Alan Tibbetts and Leo Rogers

RIGHT: Dick Baumgartner, Carol Maxwell, Jane Miller (Polk), Scott Sturm and Joe Cairns

group10a.jpg (24920 bytes)
group11a.jpg (16804 bytes) 6

LEFT:Dave Rabe and Carol Maxwell

RIGHT: Darlene Crosno and Lynn Jackson

group12a.jpg (29260 bytes)
group13a.jpg (32785 bytes) 7

LEFT: Bob Troxell, Chuck Townsend and Marsha DeFoe

RIGHT: Bill Hand and Teresa New

group14a.jpg (17877 bytes)
group15a.jpg (29998 bytes) 8

LEFT: Nancy and Scott Sturm, and LaRue Terrell

RIGHT: Glenna Parson and Suzanne Burlingame

group16a.jpg (25568 bytes)
group17a.jpg (33912 bytes) 9

LEFT: David and Linda (Valdois) Whitcomb checking out Who's Who in the Class of 1964

RIGHT: Leo Rogers and Russell Klick

group18a.jpg (30851 bytes)
group19a.jpg (36179 bytes) 10

LEFT: Bob Curley and Mike Leary (and wife)

RIGHT: Wally Cairns, Ben Aguilera and Mike Behrendt

group20a.jpg (24588 bytes)
group21a.jpg (26718 bytes) 11

LEFT: David Hamilton, Wes Mason and Carol Maxwell (Mason)

RIGHT: Jane Miller (Polk),Mrs Thelma Delamarter, Judy Christensen and Linda Delamarter

group22a.jpg (30497 bytes)
group23a.jpg (25294 bytes) 12

LEFT: Linda Delamarter and Lynn Jackson

RIGHT: Karen Kenslow and Bob Curley; and ummm... Scott Sturm :-)

group24a.jpg (23478 bytes)
group25a.jpg (26424 bytes) 13

LEFT: Mike Behrendt, Don Rolison and Gary Shields

RIGHT: Karen Kenslow and Wally Cairns

group26a.jpg (18302 bytes)
group27a.jpg (19549 bytes) 14

LEFT: Bob Curley and Chuck Townsend

RIGHT: Ben Aguilera, Wally Cairns and Mike Leary

group28a.jpg (18713 bytes)
group29a.jpg (20268 bytes) 15

LEFT: Karen Kenslow, Bill Hand and Dave Rabe

RIGHT: Bob Troxel, Norman King and Gary Shields

group30a.jpg (22148 bytes)
group31a.jpg (24059 bytes) 16

LEFT: Janet Weber and Bob Waters

RIGHT: Greg Gile, Bob Messey and wife.

group32a.jpg (30409 bytes)
group33a.jpg (22943 bytes) 17

LEFT: Nancy Altom and LaRue Terrell

RIGHT: Pat Mosley and Judy Logue (Mosley)

group34a.jpg (18509 bytes)
group35a.jpg (27633 bytes) 18

LEFT: Rose Ann Loyd and husband, Mark

RIGHT: Roy Rogers and Joe Cairns

group36a.jpg (24269 bytes)
group37a.jpg (32942 bytes) 19

LEFT: Sandi Welch and Rod Jones; background - Fronzia Minge (Rolison), Judy Whaley, Chuck Townsend, Don Rolison

RIGHT: Scott Sturm and Marsha DeFoe

group38a.jpg (22995 bytes)
group39a.jpg (24333 bytes) 20

LEFT: Judy Whaley,___________ and Rona Rhodes

RIGHT: Rona Rhodes and Leo Rogers

group40a.jpg (30045 bytes)
group41a.jpg (21829 bytes) 21

LEFT: Mike Leary, Gary Shields and Rose Ann Loyd

RIGHT: Karen Kenslow and Linda Dewey

group42a.jpg (34722 bytes)
group43a.jpg (25751 bytes) 22

LEFT: Peggy Olinger and Carol Maxwell

RIGHT: Sandi Welch, Teresa New and Pam Easley

group44a.jpg (37912 bytes)
group45a.jpg (28421 bytes) 23

LEFT: Rose Ann Loyd, Chuck Townsend and Karen Kenslow

RIGHT: Judy Christensen and Nancy Davidson

group46a.jpg (26264 bytes)
group47a.jpg (36711 bytes) 24

LEFT: Suzanne Burlingame, Lynn Jackson, Glenna Parson and Lanette Bontrager

RIGHT: Rose Ann Loyd, Wally Cairns and Judy Christensen

group48a.jpg (28529 bytes)
group49a.jpg (23615 bytes) 25

LEFT: Karen Kenslow and Bob Curley

RIGHT: Dick Baumgartner did a very good job with the formalities

group50a.jpg (18334 bytes)

Even more pics here! (Thank you, Don Rolison)

    How about a 45th Class Reunion in 2009?

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