More pictures... these received from Don Rolison -Smaller format; no need to click

Added 12/28/2007 (Note that Don died Dec. 9, 2012)

2group21.jpg (22573 bytes) 2group23.jpg (28270 bytes) 2group22.jpg (32278 bytes)
Don Rolison and Ben Aguilera Sandi Welch, Rod Jones, ________, Bill Hand, and Tim Lindsey Bob Messey, Carol Maxell's husband Wes Mason and Darlene Crosno
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Gary Shields, Ben Aguilera and Mike Behrendt Dave Polk and Rona Rhodes Chuck Townsend, Bob Curley and Mike Everhart
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Darlene Crosno and Greg Gile Don Rolison and David Hamilton Sandi Welch, Norman King and Mr.Pfeifer
2group04.jpg (18988 bytes) 2group03.jpg (33840 bytes) 2group07.jpg (22373 bytes)
Joe Milacek and David Hamilton Don Rolison, Chuck Townsend, Bob Curley and Mike Everhart Scott Sturm, Dick Baumgartner, Lynn Jackson and Chuck Townsend
2group15.jpg (17265 bytes) 2group18.jpg (21867 bytes) 2group11.jpg (19783 bytes)
Mike Everhart and Mr. Pfeifer (Algebra) Mike Everhart and Don Rolison Gary Shields, Ben Aguilera and Wally Cairns
2group13.jpg (9784 bytes) 2group12.jpg (20378 bytes) 2group19.jpg (21806 bytes)
Mike Leary Mike Behrendt ________________ and Judy Christensen
2group20.jpg (13446 bytes) 2group17.jpg (24558 bytes) 2group08.jpg (27865 bytes)
Rona Rhodes Mr and Mrs H.D. Pfeifer (Algebra teacher) Greg Gile and Jane Miller (Polk)
2group16.jpg (23973 bytes) 2group10.jpg (17737 bytes) 2group09.jpg (25130 bytes)
Don Rolison, Mrs. D. and Jeane Snyder Leo Rogers, Ben Aguilera and Walley Cairns Greg Gile, Jane Miller (Polk), David Polk and Darlene Crosno
2group26.jpg (19438 bytes) 2group25.jpg (20109 bytes) 2group27.jpg (18635 bytes)
Bill Hand and David Hamilton Jeanne Snyder, ____________and Nancy Altom JoAnne Daniels and LaRue Terrill
2group28.jpg (17859 bytes) 2group30.jpg (19462 bytes) 2group29.jpg (24081 bytes)
Karen Kenslow and Rose Ann Loyd Earl Haskins and Judy Logue Jane Miller, Scott Sturm, _______ and Nancy Sturm

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