The following pictures have been submitted by members of the DSHS Class of 1964. If you have any photographs you would like to share, please send them to Mike Everhart. If you cannot send them as digital files (.jpg, .gif, etc) you can send them by regular mail to my home address: 1006 Morrison Court, Derby, KS  67037-1939.  I will scan and return them. (Updated 12/16/2005)

We were sophomores then: A photograph from the April 19, 1962 issue of The Panther's Tale showing a modern dance class.  (Submitted by Carole Ast-Clyne).

Another article indicated that we had just gone to school on a Saturday (April 14). I don't remember that.. must have been to make up a snow day or something.

tomlind2.jpg (5543 bytes) Linda Scoggins and Tommy Thornbrugh on the way to a dance.
old-busa.jpg (5504 bytes) Left to right: Shirley West, Roger Morgan and Sonya Saunders. Photo taken by Sandie Devine on a trip to KU. Provided by Linda Scoggins.
bball65a.jpg (7783 bytes) Mike Everhart, Delbert Fowler, Joe Lawrence, Richard Spiva and Dave Polk... an awesome basketball church league team :-) (1966)
sign-64a.jpg (7458 bytes) In August, 1964, just before we went to WSU, Joe Lawrence, Ronnie Rivers and Mike Everhart got in Joe's '55 Chevy and took off for Colorado Springs.  It was hot (105 in Wichita) when we left Kansas. Ronnie was wearing cut-offs and a T-shirt.  The next day, it was freezing, with blowing snow, when we reached Royal Gorge. Wonderful welcome to Colorado! The second thing we noticed was that you could see the river 1300 feet below through the gaps in the wooden planking that was used on the bridge. Eerie!!!
car-64a.jpg (5951 bytes)

Here Joe and Ronnie wait in the car while I take their picture, sitting thirteen hundred feet above the Arkansas River. Shortly after this picture was taken, a souvenir was 'borrowed' from the flags used as decorations on the bridge.

rock-64a.jpg (6486 bytes) Later that day we visited the Garden of the Gods and Joe tried to upset the balance of nature.
flag-64a.jpg (6906 bytes) Here are Ronnie and Lee showing off a Washington State Flag.  In the background is the U.S. Air Force Academy. We left from here and made it back to Wichita alive, and in time for classes. Must have been some deja vu involved, 'cause last I heard, Ronnie was still in Washington.......
grovr84a.jpg (6746 bytes) In 1984, just before the 20th Class Reunion, Bill Grover finally got married! Here's some of the guys at the wedding with Captain Bill Grover, USMC,  in Hays, KS. Left to right: Earl Haskins, Joe Milacek, Bill Grover, Mike Everhart and Scott Sturm.
myke64a2.jpg (3473 bytes) Myke Allison in 1964- and HERE, and HERE.... and a little too close to the camera, HERE!
suz2a.jpg (3378 bytes) Suz Zundell just sent this recent picture (June, 2002)
KSMAY04A.jpg (6838 bytes)    Mike Everhart on a dig near Wilson Lake, in Russell County, Kansas. (May, 2004)

My book, "Oceans of Kansas - A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea," was published in June, 2005.

My second book, "Sea Monsters" was published by National Geographic in October, 2007.

SALMON1A.jpg (17096 bytes) Toney Hutchens, Bob Waters and Norman King taken on Saturday July 10, 2004. Norman and I went to the state of Washington to fish with Toney. Norman and Toney had not seen each other since Toney moved to Tacoma in 1965. (July 2004)

Click here for their picture without the fish.