The Derby Class of 1964 Class List

Below is the  Derby Senior High School Class of 1964 list as taken from the 1964 Baccalaureate and Commencement program. It did not include class members (especially Air Force dependents) who left or were transferred before their Senior year or graduation.  I will be filling in those names as I receive them (shown in green). Email addresses will be included as they become available. This list includes anyone who was a member of our class, regardless of whether or not they graduated with us in May of 1964.

Class Motto - "The future is a world limited only by ourselves"

Class Flower - Iris;     Class Colors - Lavender and White;

Class Song - "Climb Every Mountain"

Class Sponsors: Mr. Bruce Bierig; Mrs. Thelda Delamarter  (Passed on April 7, 2008)

  Mr. William Ford; Mr. Buddy Miller; Mrs. Sarah Rhodes; and Mrs. Ada Thoma.


NOTE: This list was scanned in directly from the graduation program printed in 1964.  There were errors in the original printing and additional errors from my character recognition program.  I've corrected the ones I could find, but please let me know if you see any mis-spelled names!  Mike Everhart

LAST UPDATED 09/24/2013

PICTURES FROM THE 40th REUNION HAVE BEEN ADDED-Click on highlighted/underlined names)

NOTE THAT EFFECTIVE 11/27/2004, THE EMAIL ADDRESSES HAVE BEEN "DE-ACTIVATED"  This was done to hopefully reduce the amount of SPAM you may have been getting because your email address was listed on this webpage.   The email addresses are still there.. you just need to "cut and paste" them, then replace the " at  " with @. (Note there is a space on either side of the "at" ... both spaces need to be removed):

For example:   "mike at" converts to


I've lost track of some of you already!!


Adams, Terry Dennis  deceased  
Agui1era, Bernard Raymond ben.aguilera at (3/2004)
Alley, Willard Kent Jr. walley01 at  (2/2004) Hello everyone, it's been a fast 40 years. Looking forward to class reunion.
Allison, Margaret  (Myke) June mykebr at    (9/2002)  
Altom, Nancy Lou   This is great to see all the names from the past. It it a shame we haven't been able to keep up with the class reunions. I am looking forward to 2004.
Ast, Carole Noreen    
Austin, Harold Lee deceased (2002)  
Avenell, Dennis Walter   Local Union #171 (Plumber) 64-68. US Army (NG) 66-69. US Army (Active) 68-93 Retired CW4 Attack Helicopter Instructor Pilot.


Baker, Roger Gene deceased
Barnes, Angela
Barnett, Margaret Ann
Bass, Thomas Henry
Baumgartner, Richard Alan rabaum at
Beeman, Barbara Denine
Behrendt, Michael Allan
Berry, Linda Lea
Best, Hugh Victor Deceased - Vietnam, March 14, 1967
Bollenbacher, Walter Eugene skip at (12/30/2007) I retired from UNC Chapel Hill a year ago, and am now celebrating one year of a company I started which focuses on science training and education.  Wish I had made the transition earlier because of the pleasure I am getting traveling and working with universities across the country.
Bontrager, Clara Lanette clanette at (3/2004)
Boswell, Sharon Ann
Bowsher, Melodie Louise melodie_bowsher at (6/2003)
Brace, Sharon merylann2000 at       (02/2004) I moved to Derby in 1954 & for the next 10 yrs some of us were neighbors, friends & classmates. I quit school in the middle of my senior yr, but took with me many good memories Thanks for the invitation-it was nice to be remembered. Happy 40th to all.
Brillhart, Carol Rae
Brown, Marilyn Kay tnmakins at Thanks to Judy Christensen Gable for letting me know...let's have lunch soon in Arizona.
Brubaker, Kenneth Neal
Bullard, Jimmy Randall jimmybullard at  (09/2005) Susie, Thanks for letting me know about this site! Mike, thanks for the site! I retired from Cessna at age 55 and I am really enjoying it! I can't believe it has been 40 years. The reunion sounds fun! Would love to get e-mails!
Burns, Betty Patricia
Butler, Vernon Eugene


Campbell, Carolyn Kay
Campbell, Thomas R.
Cardiff,. Raymond Cleve   deceased
Cairns, Wally wallycairns at (12/2003) Living the good life in California,
Carr, Margaret Anne jimni69 at Scanning the pages is fun. Love to hear from everyone.
Christensen, Judy Ann jagable2 at
Collins, Sally Ann
Costello, Ronald Bruce roncss19 at            (07/2001) Great Job.  This will likely be the primary location for keeping up with each other.
Coy, Deborah Jean djlein at             (12/2000) What a great idea! Look forward to getting in touch with "old" friends.
Crook, Connie Anne
Crossno, Darlene dhill at (3/2004) finally found this site - my inept computer skills, no reflection on Mike! Thanks for the site, mike and for the info Jane. looking forward to hearing, reading and seeing more of you all !
Crum, Dennis Lee
Cunningham, Teresa
Curley, Robert Lee bobcurley at I'm pastoring a small Baptist Church 12 mi east of downtown LA. Hope to see you all at the 40th.
Curtis, Penelope N. deceased


Dannels, Jo Ann
Davidson, Nancy Ellen mznanreece at (3/2004) It's great to see so many of you here. Thanks Linda for telling me about the site.
Davis, Janet Sue deceased July 17, 1985
Davis, Larry Wayne davis2kings at (3/2004)
Dean, Jack B.
Delamarter, Linda Sue lindaslee at  (7/2002 Hi, everyone! I've already signed on the guestbook, but I wanted to know if you scrolled down to see the "Memories" part of the site. It would be neat to find out what more of you remember about high school. ... I signed on last summer, but I have new email address. I have taught music for 16 yrs. at Oaklawn Elem. Derby sure has changed. Hope you all can come and see it in 2004.
Delgado, Edith Josephine
Dennett, Dale E. deceased
Defoe, Marsha   mlpringle at (05/2014) Impressive website, Mike! I'd love to hear from everyone---still looking for info on Linda Dewey??! If anyone is in the Charleston, SC area, give me a call!
Dewey, Linda Edith  Lindad2346 at        (04/2002) After reading the messages, and seeing the photos, I'm obviously the only one left that's normal! Hi, Marsha! Finding this, I won't stop smiling for a month! Thanks!
Diedrich, John David
Donnelly, Sharon Attended Derby schools from 3rd through 11th grade then moved to Alabama. Of course my fondest memories are with those I grew up with - the Derby crowd. Hope to attend the next reunion in 2004.
Lynda Doramus asw20 at (12/28/2007) Judy Logue Mosley sent this to me, the pics of the 40th anniversary.  I moved from Derby in my Jr. year.  I graduated from HS in Ft. Worth, Texas--but my heart was always in Derby.  I live in Draper, Utah now. My husband and I raised our 7 kids in So. Cal. and now have and number 14 grandchild on the way.
Duke, Deanna
Dwyer, Leland Leroy


Easley, Pamela Kay
Edwards, Jeanne Eileen
Elliott, Terry Lee
Elrod, Jolene Kay Deceased - November 23, 2011
Etheridge, Sharon Jean
Everhart, Michael J.  mike at Hello everyone.  Hope you take the time to look around the website and contribute to the memories. I hope to see everyone at the 50th Class Reunion (October 3-5,, 2014).  Mike and grand-daughter Kaylie (December, 2002)  Mike and grand-daughter, Reece (November, 2005).  Since then Eden, Mason and Ike..... Website: Oceans of Kansas Paleontology 


Fausett, Larry Lee    
Favreau, Stan1ey George    
Fisher, Jack Earl  jf1946 at  
Flippo, Jack Jr. onemeanobear at AOL.COM (07/01) I have been busy as has everyone else...still just a little nuts.....looking forward to 2004 reunion........everyone I wish you love, health and happiness....the very best to all......oh yes thanks to Suzie for tell me about this site........miss you
Fowler, Delbert Eugene    
Fulkerson, James C. Deceased 2011  


Gaiser, Patricia Doreen    
Garber, Floyd Lowell    
Garner, Sandra Jane    
Garrett, Ronnie Earl    
Gaskin, Daniel Eugene    
Gates, Ethlean Ruth Deceased 5/11/2006  
Gean, Danny Calvin Pirate5 at Retired from the Air Force in 1986, been at Boeing since then.
Gilbert, Donald Gregory    
Gile, Greg Lynn gg3587 at Retired from the U.S. Army in 1999 - Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.
Gleason, James Michael    
Glessner, Jerry Gene    
Glessner, Larry D.    
Gonzalez, Connie Louise deceased  
Gray, Kerry Eugene    
Grover, William Keith    
Guimares, Barbara Louise jlackey2 at - 

To commemorate our 40th reunion I have designed a bracelet PICTURE. If some some of our classmates might like one, please contact me . It will be good to see everyone.


Haas, Linda Kay
Hamilton, David Lee connie.hamilton at (03/2004)

I plan to be there.  Look forward to seeing everyone and catching up.

Hamilton, Robert Allen rbhm at
Hamrick, Loyd J. Jr. lhamrick3 at (3/2004)
Hand, William Duane kshand at  (4/2004)
Harden, James Robert
Haskins, Washington Earl
Headrick, Donald Ray
Heinrichs, Patricia Ann
Hennigh, Richard M. Deceased - April 10, 2002
Horn, Pamela Ann pam at
Horner, Jane Ellen
Hovious, Francis Loy Jr. Deceased - December 18, 2003.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Francis L. "Skip" Hovious Jr., 57, of Springfield, Mo., died Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003, at his home. The son of Francis L. and Marjorie Cozairt Hovious, he was born Aug. 23, 1946.  He attended school in Emporia and graduated from Derby High School in Derby (Kansas) and attended Memphis State University.

Houck, James Rodney
Howard, Marilyn Kay
Hutchens, Toney Evan Toneyviewater at       New as of 05/2006 Hope to make the 40th!  (New picture here) with Bob Waters and Norman King
Hutcherson, LaJuan Francine


Jackson, Lynn
Jackson, David M. kuhb at     (06/2003)
Jackson, Ronnie jackson at
Jacobs, Marsha Kay roma9105 at (5/2003) Thanks to Judy G. for letting me know and Mike E. for setting up our website. I START MY DIET TOMORROW!!!!
Jeffus, Ellwyn Thomas ETJeffus at (3/2004)
Jensen, William Michael Deceased - April 11, 1998
Johns, Sandra Naomi
Johnson, Fred Otto
Johnson, James Harvey
Johnson, Leo Scott
Jones, Rodney Lynn roddjones at   (01/2002) Howdy, old timers. See you in 2004!


Kaminska, Judith Arlene
Kenslow, Karen Elizabeth kehuddl at Hadn't popped into the site for a while and it is really great to see so many new names. Mike.. great job!! See you all in 2004. ....Love this site. A great place to keep in touch. Hope we can swing the 2004 reunion!
Ketzner, Barbara Anne
King, Carla Ann deceased 11/11/2004
King, Norman Thomas ntk at   (07/2013) (New picture here) with Toney Hutchens and Bob Waters
Kirkpatrick, Jack deceased
Klick, Russell Wayne
Krenytzky, Jonathan William JKrenytzky at (06/2004) 2004 is really getting close! Do I HAVE to go through Oklahoma to get back to Kansas? A spooky thought..... Good job Senor Everhart...I found my old friends Bubby and Wally and can't wait to contact them. Hi to all and see you in 2004...
Kurtz, Martha Carol


Lang, Eva Drew azpeezee at Only at Derby Senior High for my Junior and Senior years!! Met a lot of great classmates and hopefully will be there for "REUNION" (40)!!
Lauver, Julia Ann    
Lawrence, Joseph Leland deceased  
Leary, Michael James 2CByond at I have been in the ARMY, Boeing Seattle, Hippy, Probation Officer, Therapist in private practice. Great life with Family, Thanks for the site Mike. See ya in2004
Leith, Terry Knight    
Lewis, Doug  electioncenter at or electioncent at  (12/2003) WOW. 40 years. Even though I didn't graduate with all of you good folks (I moved just before my senior year), I remember many of the good and kind people. I hope to make it to the reunion in 2004.
Lewis, Sheryl Pulliam    
Lincoln, Jimmie Lee    
Lindsey,  David deceased - December 17, 1963  
Lindsey, Grady Tim glindsey at   (4/2004)  
Logue, Judy juhamm at JUDY MOSLEY WAS JUDY LOGUE. WE FINALLY GOT MARRIED AFTER 37 YEARS.  Went to Derby all school years but graduated from Altus, Ok in 1964. Want to be included in listing to hear from old friends
Loyd, Rose Ann redbudrosebud at (02/2004) Married end of Jr. year divorced after 11 years. 30 year career with SBC retired 10-01-03. One daughter at KSU. Remarried we are Rosie & Mark Cassell. Showed horses for years, now in to politics, travel and gardening. North Hi Grad.
Lowe, William Virgil    


Mahoney, Jack D.
Maloney, Mary Margaret
Maness, Judith Kay
Manning, Robert Charles deceased - July 2, 2012 Obituary
Marlow, Barbara J.
Marshall, Marion Ray hfc2 at (3/2004) I must really be near the end of the earth since I just found this site. Thanks Suzee and Mike! Date of reunion in 2004?
Martin, Glenda Gayle
Martin, Sharon Lee deceased  - May 28, 2003
Mauck, Celia rogmauck at    (03/2007) Married, three boys, has lived in the Netherlands since 1970
Maxwell, Carol Ann maxwesmason at Thanks! This is a great idea.
Mayfield, Gregory Alan   cmay54 at   (11/2002) No need to wait until 2004. Would enjoy hearing from any of our classmates.
McCluggage, Sue Wilma grandmasue at Obviously, from my e-mail address, I am a grandmother. Retired from teaching in May 2003
McKerracher, Martha Jane
McKown. Susan Eileen
McLaughlin, Richard James   deceased
McReynolds, Judith Cecilia blahajj at We are just returning from 3 years in Vienna Austria with the IAEA. Sorry to miss the reunion but don't think we will have the "relocation" process figured out by August.
Meek, Alice Marie
Meier, Mary Louise maryg at (08/2003) I've been in upstate NY since 1968. I am a CPA working in Syracuse - can't wait to retire and move South.
Meridith, Judy JARICH46 at  (10/2001) Thanks Susie for contacting me. Aren't computers great? I would love hearing from my old friends. Lots to catch up on.
Messey, Robert (Bob)         rmessey at (4/2004)
Michau, Carolyn Wichmayfield at  (8/10/04)
Milacek, Joseph Eugene  joemali_2000 at (06/2003) e-mail the best way to contact me - phone line tied up all the time - on the net too much
Miller, Elaine Marie
Miller, Phyllis Jane janepolk at A lot of our class still calls me with info about our classmates. I'll start telling them about this. I'm ready for 2004!
Minge, Fronzia E. drolison at    (11/2002) We are still in Derby and will remain here until we need the horizontal box. Then we hope to be planted here. Hello! to all and I am hopeful life has been good to you. Take care. Celebrating 38 years of love and marriage this year! Best deal I ever made. Don and Fronzia (Minge) Rolison
Monger, Walter Shearer III  Deceased June 3, 2005 Obituary
Moore, Johnny Lloyd
Morris, James Madison II
Mosley; Patrick James downey at - (06/2003) Family Picture  GET IN TOUCH!!!
Moss, Donna Sue


Nation, Carol Rae ssims29 at   (04/2007) It will be nice to classmates in 2004. Thanks for the webpage.
New, Teresa Jane tjmcneil1 at -(6/2002) Great job on the web site. I am impressed. I can't wait to see everyone in 2004.
Nichols, Gordon Alison Deceased 06/08/2006  


Opfar, Linda Lee    
Olinger, Peggy psteele at - 07/2003  
Orndorff, Bonnie Jean    
O'Rourke, Michael Patrick    


Parish, ZiRita Viola Deceased - July 4, 2005 Obituary
Parke, Linda Lee    
Parson, Glenna Darlene gygrammy at Looking forward to the reunion.
Pearson, Gary Wayne GWPEAR at  
Peterson, Cliff cliff.peterson at  
Phillips, Mary Patricia    
Ploeckelmann, Jerry Brue    
Polk, David Michael    
Potter, Trudy Leigh    
Pulliam, Carolyn Kay    
Pulliam, Dale Allen Deceased - Vietnam, May 14, 1967

       Memoriam -------------Story in Wichita Eagle 2/08/2004 ---- THE VIRTUAL WALL


Rabe, David Michael Deceased - March 23, 2006 Memorial on Find A Grave
Rardon, Larry Lee lrardon at   (08/2003) Doing that lawyer thing in FLA. Amazing that you all are still kicking. Do they have 40th class reunions??
Reynolds, Beverly deceased - July 1, 2016
Rhodes, Rona Sue
Richardson, William Keele
Riley, Constance Lynne
Ripper, Betty Lynette deceased  - July 2012
Rivers, Ronald Lee RonRivers at Nice job on this web page. Very informative and easy to use. To the rest of Derby '64 - Hi how are you doing?
Robertson, Lynne Suzanne
Robinson, Connie Jo
Robinson, Coy Ann coy.milsap at (09/2003)

As of right now I will be attending with my Daughter-In-Law, Johanna and my new Granddaughter Jessica.  Looking forward to seeing you and showing off my family

Rogers, Leo Edward Jr. drogers2062 at   (12/2002)
Rogers, Roy Eugene Jr. - roylinrogers at  (4/2004)
Rolison, Donald Lynn  Deceased 12/09/2012 Obituary - Wichita Eagle
Rollins, Cherie Ann sunchaser at
Roof, Clifford Lee
Rupp, John jr26run at I have the best of memories from our times in Derby. It is nice looking at the pictures of the reunions. You all look so young and happy! I am looking forward to hear from you and hope to see you all 2004.
Russell, Connor ckruss38641 at  (05/2008) I came across your Derby HS Class list of 1964. I attented Derby Junior High, Derby HS until 1963. I had to move before my senior year. Reading all the messages from old classmates brought back great memories.  (Now living in Lake Cormorant, MS)


Sallee Paula Kay sloopok at
Sampson, Frances Nadine
Schmit, Jack Alan
Scoggins, Linda   ehardt38 at  or ehardt3 at
Sheets, Geraldine Kay- deceased
Shields, Gary Michael (8/2004)

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at our 40th reunion.  I've been in Snohomish, WA for several years and would like to hear from other northwesterners...17623 Interurban Blvd., Snohomish, WA 98296   (360 668 0418)  Sorry no website...I've retired.

Shields, Robert Eugene
Shipley, Terry Lee
Slechta, Alan Dean   deceased
Smalley, Robert Leon bsmalley at (09/2003) We have lived in Idaho 21 years. I am a Chaplain with Kootenai County Sheriff's Dept.- hope Meribeth & I can come in August.
Smith, Marvin (Alan) bitw1 at I left Derby in January of 1964 and graduated at East Central High School in Tulsa, Ok. in May. My 2 years at Derby were very memorable and I would like to see everyone again if i can make it to the reunion.
Smith, Toni Kay Tonizoni at (01/02)
Smith, Vicky Michele lvbargenquast at Thank you Judy C for the heads up. Thanks Mike for all your work. After 30+ years in Iowa, we have moved to sunny (no humidity) California. We now drive to our snow!! Enjoying life and would love to hear from you.
Snyder, Jeanne Ann- jojean02 at (12/2003) This is a great idea! It's nice to see a lot of familiar names.
Spaulding, John Herbert
Spaulding, Thomas Lee
Spiva, Richard Lewis
Sprague, Shirley Ann
Stanley, Darrell Gene
Stanley, George Ronald
States, James Richard deceased
Stephenson, Calvin Koch 316 799 2704 (Benton, KS) SEE YOU AT THE 40TH IF I KNOW ABOUT IT.  HELLO PAINTED HORSE!!
Stevenson, James Clark
Stuart, Janice Faye jan.f.stuart at Thanks Suzie for the heads up to this site. 38 yrs is several lifes ago: been married, had a daughter, divorced, worked as a Med Tech, a perennial student, a researcher, QA officer, and now as Env Sci with the Army Corps of Engineers (Wetland issues)
Stubbs, Byron Lee soar_withthe_eagle at (3/2004)
Sturm, Richard Scott
Summer, Peter David III summerpd at I am now retired from the AF and teaching Chem at Lake-Sumter Comm. College, Leesburg. Hope to see all of you on the 40th! Dave   (11/2007 Dave had moved back to Colorado Springs.... )
Swingley, Julia Ann


Tellejohn, Pamela (email Mike E. for Pam's email address)
Terrel, Marsha Joan
Terrell, LaRue Eileen tedgorychka at  (3/2004) I can't believe it's been 40 yrs!! But, then I try not to think how old I am. I teach 3 year olds, so stay "young"!?!    (Haysville, KS)
Thoma, Roger Wayne DERBY1964 at
Thomas, David dmnlt at My dad was in the AF and we moved my senior year. I played a little baseball-darn little-joined the Marines and liked it. I am now in Colorado and ski alot. Like to hear from you.
Thomas, Donna Joy
Tommy Thornbrugh thomas.thornbrugh at  (10/2001)

Judge_Thornbrugh (updated 12/19/2011)

Alive and well as a Judge of the District Court in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Would like to hear from you as I am still crazy after all these years. Tommy ----- Is every man a panther? Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Empty nester at last. see you in August.
Tibbets, Alan Nyal DerbyHS at (3/2004) How can it be 36 (40) years? I'm really NOT ready for that...
Todt, Donn Leroy landmark at
Townsend, Charles, H jtownsend2 at         (8/10/2004)
Troxel, Robert bob at


Von Arb, Judy Ann    
Van Arsdale, William 0.    
Vriezelaar, Carrie McRee    


Waters, Robert Julian  BobWCPA at Great idea on this website. Can't believe it took two years to find out about it. Hi everyone. Plans are to be there in 2004.  (New picture here) with Toney Hutchens and Norman King
Watkins, Scott Aaron
Weber, Janet Kaye  jstorckie at         (12/2003) Great site! Has it really been FORTY years? We're all sooooo young! Thanks Judy and Mike - Great job!
Weber, Joyce Rae  missesc at Married 35 years
Welch, David Roland deceased, February, 2002
Welch, Sandra Lee  Deceased, November 19, 2015
Weyant, Evelyn Jo
Whaley, Judith Ann lawrencejr39 at   (07/2003) Thanks Judy C. for letting me know about the site. It is a great way to keep in touch with "old" friends! We're all better than gold! I look forward to our 40th reunion! Excited to see DECA and BECK classmates again. Do you remember the car bash?
Whitcomb, David Leslie dlw at Great to see all the messages from our ole classmates. We all had some great memories  at  DSH. See you in August.
Wilkes, Beverly Ruth  BevKennedy at
Williams, Alva Lee
Williams, Stephanie Eileen - stephknut at Hello from the Seattle area. It's getting so crowded here that we considered moving back to the Midwest when we retire. I'd miss the rain after 30 years of it!
Willit, Kristie Lynne KristieMurphy2002 at 03/04 Was "retired" for about 12 yrs, then divorced after 26 yrs, now back to work and actually dating someone too. Life is still fun and interesting to me. Have a wonderful daughter and son-in-law and 2 great grandkids (girl AND boy)
Wilson, Larry Dean
Wilson, Michael Edwin mikewil46 at
Wing, Margaret Elaine                      margie_felix at (Picture - Margie and husband)
Winkle, Kay Francis deceased 9/25/2000
Witner, Bennie B. deceased
Witner, Rita Ann Cantrell
Woodard, Wayne Edwin
Wright, Lonnie George attorneyplumber at    01/18/2014
Wright, Thomas Allen
Wrobel, Donald Lee
Wrobel, Kendall Eugene


Yankowski, Andrew A.    


Zundel, Suzee   Zundel1 at I HATE being the last one in the guest book.. so here I am again...we should do a cruise for our reunion.... never been.....