Derby Senior High School Class of 1964

  40th Class Reunion- 2004

("Gee, Mike, hard to believe it only took you three and a half years to get these pictures up on a web page!")

"What can I say? I've been busy!"

Posted December 24, 2007

(Photo credits (or the people to blame)... Judy Christensen, Mike Everhart, Rod Jones... in no particular order)

The reunion started with a mixer at the bowling alley in Derby on Friday night, August 27. There was quite a crowd and it was difficult trying to take pictures with everyone talking, drinking and moving around. .... Everyone was well-behaved.... well, nearly everyone :-)

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1group1a.jpg (23658 bytes) LEFT: David Whitcomb, Bill Hand and Dave Rabe

RIGHT: Don Rolison, Suzanne Burlingame, and Fronzia Minge (Rolison); Rona Rhodes in the background, left.

1group2a.jpg (23671 bytes)
1group3a.jpg (30123 bytes)  

LEFT: Alan Tibbetts, Darlene Crosno, Lynn Jackson, Nancy Davidson and Marsha DeFoe

RIGHT: Mike Leary and Mike Behrendt

1group4a.jpg (21402 bytes)
1group5a.jpg (30479 bytes)  

LEFT:Bill Hand, Jane Miller (Polk) and Rod Jones

RIGHT: Tom Thornbrugh, David Polk, David Whitcomb and Joe Milacek

1group6a.jpg (27397 bytes)
1group7a.jpg (30150 bytes)  

LEFT: Linda Dew and Mike Behrendt

RIGHT: Scott Sturm, Joe Milacek and Nancy Davidson

1group8a.jpg (27830 bytes)
1group9a.jpg (25133 bytes)  

LEFT: Carol Maxwell, Jane Miller (Polk) and David Whitcomb

RIGHT: Carol Maxwell, her husband, Joe Milacek, Jane Miller (Polk) and David Whitcomb

1Group10a.jpg (38990 bytes)
1Group11a.jpg (21496 bytes) LEFT: Al Williams, Earl Haskins and Scott Sturm

RIGHT: Al Williams and Mike Behrendt

1Group12a.jpg (22792 bytes)
1Group13a.jpg (28524 bytes)  

LEFT: Nancy Davidson, Lynn Jackson, Fronzia Minge (Rolison) and Linda Dewey

RIGHT: Don Rolison, Gary Shields, Marsha DeFoe, Ben Aguilera and Mike Behrendt

1Group14a.jpg (33499 bytes)
1Group15a.jpg (28732 bytes)  

LEFT: Karen Kenslow, Alan Tibbetts and Rose Ann Loyd

RIGHT: Mike Everhart and Carol Maxwell

1Group16a.jpg (21891 bytes)

Go here for the photos from the social and dinner on Satuday, August 28, 2004.

Even more pics here! (Thank you, Don Rolison)

    How about a 45th Class Reunion in 2009?

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