1964 - Derby Senior High School Fifty Years Later - 2014

Created July 5, 2014; Last updated July 6, 2014.

LEFT: Aerial view of the Derby Senior High School from the 1964 yearbook. Obviously planned with future expansions in mind. (Current aerial view here)

RIGHT: Ground view of the Derby Senior High School from the 1963 yearbook. Check out those vintage rides.

It's hard to believe, but the school building that we spent three years in, Derby Senior High School, is now the Derby Middle School and is undergoing some major changes... Here's a few photographs to ease the shock when you come back for the 50th Reunion of the DSHS Class of 1964. (And a big "thank you" to Marilyn (Walker) Lawson, DSHS Class of 1972, for building information). Note that almost all of the artwork that was in place from our time in the building was taken down two years ago.. some of it was auctioned off. 

LEFT: Major construction ongoing at the Derby Middle School, with completion planned in 2015.

RIGHT: The front of the building with Derby Middle School replacing Derby Senior High School.

LEFT: View of the front of the building (northwest corner with main (north) entrance.

RIGHT: Major modification of the entrance portion of the old building. The new glassed-in area will hold the school offices.

LEFT: The north side of the building along Madison street. Not much change here aside from new windows and facings. The old library would have been here, with math and other classrooms down the hall. 

RIGHT: This is the east end of the the north hall - Old B and BB halls. A new stairway is being added to the building here.


LEFT: Moving a little to the south, there is a new building going up between the north and middle halls. This is the new Technology wing.

RIGHT: Another view of the new addition and the middle hall.  Science and home ec were downstairs in the middle hall. 


LEFT: East end of the middle hall. 

RIGHT: Another new addition going up between the middle hall and the south wing of the building. This is the new Media Center.


LEFT: A view between the old middle hall and the new addition... looks like a cross over is being added between the old and new. You can see the old green house through the opening. 

RIGHT: Here's the original(?) greenhouse that was attached to the Senior Biology classroom. 


LEFT: This view shows the drive between the south wing and the new addition. The boiler plant is visible at the end of the alley. The building on the right side of the alley is the 'new' lunchroom that was added many years ago.

RIGHT: East wall of the south wing. This part of the original building held the shop classes. 

LEFT: Southeast corner of the original DSHS building, showing the back (east) wall of the gymnasium. A new gymnasium will be built in this area, south and east of the old gym.

RIGHT: South wall of the gymnasium. 


LEFT: South doors to the building. Going down the steps, you arrived at floor level of the gymnasium and the boys and girls locker rooms.

RIGHT: Oblique view of the southwest corner of the building with steps and doors leading the seating in the gym.


LEFT: Full view of the doors on the southwest corner of the building.

RIGHT: The auditorium of the school. 


LEFT: Football is important in Derby. 

RIGHT: Here's the newly upgraded stadium, located directly east of the building, with artificial turf and nice bleachers on both sides of the field. 

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